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Jeff Bezos on How to Make Good Decisions

When you think about it, the ability to make excellent decisions is one of the most important business skills of all. You can be highly intelligent, motivated and hard working, but if you keep making poor decisions then you simply won’t be successful. A lot of entrepreneurs and CEO’s know this, of course, and so…

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A Great Company

A great company has lasting endurance. When clobbered with setbacks, it finds a way of bouncing back stronger than before. A great enterprise transcends dependence on any single extraordinary leader; if your organisation cannot be great without you, then it is not a truly great organisation. Jim Collin

Branding Tips From Donald Trump

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard that Donald Trump is running for President of the United States. That he can credibly do this and that so many people care about it has a lot to do with how The Donald has created his brand. You may not aspire to be like Trump,…

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1. Do all multi millionaire entrepreneurs think alike? They are all different in my experience on the outside, but very similar on the inside. On the outside great entrepreneurs can be rough, shy, conservative or radical. But on the inside they are confident, action oriented and exceedingly focused. Now interestingly they didn’t necessarily start out…

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Checklist For Fast Company Growth

I do a lot of consulting for entrepreneurs building their companies. No matter what the industry, I find the same things lacking in companies struggling to grow. So this week, I thought it would be helpful if I put these common challenges into an easy to review checklist. So take a few minutes to look…

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The Importance of Daring

One of the most underestimated parts of becoming a successful entrepreneur is increasing your level of daring. You can read a thousand books on business and not see daring even mentioned, but it is a critical character trait to have if you want to build an extraordinary business. You can be efficient. You can be…

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An Unusual Way to Increase Your Profits

We all want more customers. It makes us feel good to see more people buying from us. But believe it or not, getting more new customers is not the best way to grow your business. There’s another way to make money that’s far easier and more efficient. Yet hardly any businesses pay enough attention to…

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What All Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Subway

A friend of mine pointed out an interesting move by Subway lately. They’ve quietly been setting up stores inside Walmarts. Over 1400 of them in fact. It got me thinking. Surely one of the best opportunities to increase your revenues is to sell your products in unusual places, just like Subway are doing. While you’re…

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Are you serious about building a great business? Really?

Most entrepreneurs think they are dedicated to building their business. But I question that. I think the majority of entrepreneurs are just dabbling. Sure they’d like to have a successful business, but they don’t really crave it. The problem is that business today is really, really tough. Unless you absolutely, madly desire to create an…

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The Centered Entrepreneur

Never before in history has life been so busy. We have reached the point where no matter how efficient we are there is simply no way to get everything on our To Do list done. As a result of this chronic busyness, workplace stress is at an all time high. (No doubt as a business…

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