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Never before in history has life been so busy.

We have reached the point where no matter how efficient we are there is simply no way to get everything on our To Do list done. As a result of this chronic busyness, workplace stress is at an all time high. (No doubt as a business leader/ entrepreneur you are feeling it).

And it’s not going to end anytime soon. If anything the speed of business life is only going to increase. So how can you combat this rising tide of stress and overwhelm?

Well certainly one strategy is to become an expert at productivity. But another less considered option is to get better at being centered. When you are truly centered (calm, focused and clear) you are in an extremely powerful state. Your workload may be huge, but you handle it with ease and the height of efficiency.

I’m sure that you’ve known times when you’ve been like this and it feels good. You are in control, you are the master of your domain. If being centered is so important, how can we ensure we remain in this precious state of high productivity more often?

Here are some ways:

* Before you begin work, take a minute to calm yourself. (so few people ever do). Take 3 deep slow breaths and let the stress flow out of you.

* Talk to your self quietly – say positive focusing statements like, “I am in control. I am calm and focused. I am an master of my field. I am centered. I am happy.” These simple words said with conviction gather the mind into a point of power.

* Write out your goals for the day, week, month and year. Do this and in just 10 minutes you will have risen above your incessant short deadlines and remembered your higher mission.

* Close the door, switch off your incoming email and cell phone and experience some quality silence. Your mind will soon get sharper when the whirlwind of sensory input subsides.

* Put the word “Centered” on a Post It note and stick it next to your computer. The more you see that note the more you’ll remember to return to the centered condition. Eventually being centered will be your usual mode.

These elementary techniques will dramatically increase the amount of time each day you feel centered- and the results will astound you. You’ll solve business problems faster. You’ll interact with other people more smoothly. You’ll find work easier and far more satisfying. You’ll be performing at a significantly higher level.

Nobody talks about the importance of being centered at work, but you and I both know that when you’re in that state nothing can stop you. So from now on, make being supremely centered a high priority. And watch the magic begin.

– Siimon Reynolds

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