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Anger should only ever be projected on yourself. … That is the right utilization of anger – not projected outside, but projected towards oneself to change. Taken from the book “Designing Destiny (2nd edn., 2015)”, Chapter “Character and Lifestyle”, pg. 11, by Kamlesh D. Patel

Spiritual Happiness

I challenge any of you to describe to me happiness, for instance. You can only say, “I am happy.” And if I ask, “Why?” Sometimes, it’s because your girlfriend is nice to you, your boyfriend is nice to you, and things are going well. Sometimes it is because the lunch was superb, and you have…

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Inner Radar

What is a meditative state? You have centred yourself towards your heart. You are more perceptive, as you are trying to understand things with your heart. When you look at things, your attention is in the heart; your eyes are there. You are always trying to weigh things with your heart; you are not analysing…

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Desires and Happiness

The more desires you have, the harder it will be to fulfill them all, and so the less happy you will be. Happiness is inversely related to numbers of desires. Taken from the book “Designing Destiny (2nd edn., 2015)”, Chapter “Character and Lifestyle”, pg. 5, by Kamlesh D. Patel


In a sense, each one of us is a tiny rivulet given birth by love. Each of us is a rivulet capable of, and with the potential for, becoming the mightiest of rivers. As each rivulet merges into another, and as a stream thus formed of many rivulets merges into a river, and as that…

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Needs and Wants

Needs are legitimate, and man can legitimately expect such needs to be satisfied. Wants, on the other hand, are creations of man from his knowledge of the external world. Needs arise from inside whereas wants arise from outside. If needs were all that are to be fulfilled, people and governments would have a very easy…

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Real Hero

Almost everyone today feels his life to be a hard struggle for existence, confronting acute problems of poverty, insecurity, distress and rivalry, and it is almost impossible to keep himself free from its effects. The result is the constant unrest and disturbance of mind. We breathe in the same thing from the atmosphere and are…

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There is an old saying that anything in this world can be recreated, but not time. You can lose health, you can recreate it; you can lose money, you can make it again. But time passed is time lost. Once we understand this, that inevitably, inexorably, time is limited to twenty-four hours a day, the…

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Be Calm

Let us take the example of a sick man who is attended by two of his servants. They tend him, serving food and medicine at the proper time, and look to all his comforts. But one of them is greatly perplexed and upset by his serious illness, while the other is quite composed and steady….

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The Real Meaning of ‘The more you give, the more you receive’

I was coming down from Mount Dandenong where I often go to reflect. I get a lot of inspirations from looking at God’s creation: the trees, the leaves on the ground, the birds singing or simply chirping, the raindrops, the wind, the sea, the clouds in the sky and all his amazing living things. You…

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