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Man and God

One child was asking a question, “What is the difference between man and God?” And I got an answer that, like water vapour and water and ice, one is totally free; it can do what it likes, it can float about, expand, contract at choice. When it condenses, it becomes water. It’s more limited; it…

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Innocence is a natural divine state. It is a state, not of purity, not of childhood or elderliness. It is a state of, shall we say, no knowledge of good and evil…. So, actually, a state of innocence can be from baby to the old man who is dying, when in his mind there is…

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Beggar’s Bowl

As a matter of fact, all of us are like beggars at the Master’s door, having a begging bowl in hand which the Master readily fills. But when the bowl is already full with things other than spirituality, the question of getting anything from Him does not arise at all, for anything poured into it…

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Secret of Giving

If you are a man of knowledge, you must teach. If you are a man of wealth, you must go on giving so that nothing remains in you. And then what happens? The miracle that Babuji spoke about happens – that when Nature finds somebody who can do this distribution, it makes its channel wider…

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A good heart, benevolent feelings and a balanced mind lie as the foundation of character. It must be capable of standing firm in the world of daily work, temptation and trial, and be able to bear the wear and tear of actual life. Taken from the book “Truth Eternal (5th edn., 2010)”, Chapter “Lalaji”, pg….

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We may begin at one point, our own hearts, but the seed of purity sown there must be nurtured and made to grow in such a manner that it radiates beyond the confines of the individual human system, radiates beyond his home and beyond his small world until finally the whole universe comes within its…

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Babuji Maharaj said, “You cannot know God, but you can experience God.” So a Master is a matter of experience. Not of acceptance or denial, not of knowing or unknowing, not of having or not having, not of calling or not calling, not of welcoming or not welcoming, but of experiencing. “Transmission, SMES”, Chapter “What…

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You have to take care of your children properly at all levels required by growing children so that they will become responsible adults. I pray that you will use your will power and make the necessary effort to succeed in this duty. “The Spider’s Web, Vol. 3 (2013)”, Chapter “Parenting”, pg. 44, by Revered Chariji


Brahmana, Kshtriya, Vaishya, Shudra (the four castes of Hindu society) is a thought born of illusion. Grihasta, Vanaprastha, Sannyasa (three of the four stages of life as defined by Hinduism) is an illusory thought. Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew – is an illusory thought. Religion, tradition, customs, sect (or Path) – all these are illusory thoughts….

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If you are virtuous, persons around you are bound to be benefited by happiness. This world can be compared to our body. If any organ (part) is diseased, the whole body is affected. Therefore, good people always keep themselves away from sin and engage themselves in right action. This is a simple truth. Truth Eternal…

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