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1. Do all multi millionaire entrepreneurs think alike?

They are all different in my experience on the outside, but very similar on the inside. On the outside great entrepreneurs can be rough, shy, conservative or radical. But on the inside they are confident, action oriented and exceedingly focused. Now interestingly they didn’t necessarily start out this way – many of them deliberately developed these character traits, as I did. In the Billionaire program I go deep into how to develop the mindset of a great entrepreneur, using many real world examples.

2. If you could do only one thing to build a business what would you do?

I would analyse the top 3 companies in the sector and copy how they run their business, from the point of view of price, range, marketing and distribution. You don’t have to invent the wheel. Just taking the best ideas from your competition is one of the fastest and most effective ways to improve your company’s results. Yet so few business owners ever do it.

3. What’s the biggest marketing mistake entrepreneurs make?

They only do one or two things! If only they tried another 5 or 10 marketing methods they could potentially double the size of their business. Now there’s two reasons why they don’t try more proven marketing methods. One, they don’t have the attitude of constantly testing and re-testing, which is vital to create any successful business. And two, they don’t know any other ways to market! That’s why we make sure in our Billionaire program we give people real methods and techniques they can use tomorrow to market their business quickly and cheaply.

4. How important is using time effectively?

That’s one of my favourite topics. You can have a great business idea but if you don’t use your time effectively you’ll get nowhere. No single profession puts more demands on your time than business ownership. You simply must develop sytems to save you huge amounts of time or you’ll get exhausted and downhearted by business. Over 25 years I’ve developed a fantastic sytem for being super productive at work, and it’s helped me enormously to increase my wealth.

5. How do you develop super confidence in business?

Just like any other skill, confidence can be learned. Here are 3 quick ways:

A. Remind yourself of all the times you’ve succeeded- at least weekly.

B. Read biographies of great entrepreneurs. Many tell amazing true stories about overcoming obstacles through sheer will power, confidence and persistence.

C. See yourself as someobody that is highly confident. Focus on it, act like you’re confident, move like your confident, take actions like you’re confident , and pretty soon your confidence will skyrocket.

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