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The Importance of Daring

One of the most underestimated parts of becoming a successful entrepreneur is increasing your level of daring.

You can read a thousand books on business and not see daring even mentioned, but it is a critical character trait to have if you want to build an extraordinary business.

You can be efficient. You can be great at managing your company’s finances.

You can have strong customer service. But if you don’t dare to do amazing and unusual things you will not reach the highest level of business success.

What areas should you seek to be daring in?

? Moving into new industry sectors.

? Creating radically different products or services.

? Offering money back guaranteees.

? Promoting yourself in daring ways.

? Challenging industry norms.

? Standing up for what you believe in at the office.

? Shooting for huge growth rather than gradual uplift.

? Massively altering your pricing , either up or down.

? Adding something dramatic to your menu of products.

? Starting a business in the first place…

They say that there’s huge competition in the business world.

I beg to differ.

When you consistently take daring actions, pretty soon you will have very little direct competition.

Because most business owners are scared of doing anything really different, you will stand out hugely from your competitors.

Being daring seems at first to be a tough road to take, but it is actually safer than taking the so called safe road.

You get noticed. You attract more customers. You get more PR. You can usually charge more.

Think about it. Are you being daring enough?

Fortune does indeed favor the brave.

– Siimon Reynolds

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