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Three Elements Of Success To Achieve Your Heart’s Desire

What do baseball bats, playing cards and Alex Rodriguez have to do with you achieving everything in your life that you desire?

There’s a man in America who is famous for his mindset coaching and he works with a variety of people, including some of the top performing professional athletes in the world. His name is Jim Fannin and he is the author of a book called ‘Score For Life’.

One of the things Jim likes to do with his top performing athlete is teach them three critical elements to ensure they achieve whatever they desire in their chosen sport:

Find the essence of their master craft.

A huge amount of mental rehearsal.

Work with their intuition.

Jim was working with Alex Rodriguez, a famous American baseball player. Jim asked Alex exactly what he wanted to achieve in the sport of baseball. Alex replied that he wanted to be the greatest homerun hitter of all time. Jim said, “that’s a big goal… let’s sit down and work out what the essence of that actually is. What makes an incredible homerun hitter? Is it upper body strength? Is it the ability to run quickly? Is it the ability to pick the ball and understand what sort of pitch is coming? Or is it the ability to hit the ball as hard as possible?”

1. Find the essence of your master craft 
They discovered the most important thing that Alex needed to perfect (as in the absolute essence of the craft), to achieve what he desired and to become the greatest homerun hitter of all time, was to hit the ball flat with an accelerated bat. When he perfected that he wouldn’t need to do much else.

2. A huge amount of mental rehearsal 
The second thing that Jim suggested Alex do was begin a huge amount of mental rehearsal. So what Alex used to do was mentally rehearse hitting that ball perfectly flat every single time. He only rehearsed this one thing, which was hitting the ball flat with an accelerated bat.

3. Work your intuition 
Jim got Alex to really perfect and work on his intuition. He showed Alex pitches that were recorded and as a pitcher got ready to pitch the ball Jim would pause the video and ask Alex “what kind of ball does your intuition say this is? Is it a fast ball, low ball, curved ball or drop ball?” Alex would have to use his intuition to interpret what sort of pitch is coming his way. In doing this practice he was able to harness Alex’s intuition to make him far more intuitive when out playing. 

So, what does this mean for you and how do you put it in action?

First of all make some time to set your goal and ask yourself one question: What is the core essence that will allow me to achieve my desire effectively? Discover the essence of the craft that you’re doing.

In my field of personal development and assisting people to live their mission and do whatever they love most in life, I have determined that the essence of my master craft is to focus my attention on the heart’s desires of those I serve.

What I mean by that is when someone sits in front of me, or I am working with a client, all I have to do is focus all my attention on what they desire most in life inside their heart. If I do that, I find that accelerates their ability to create what they love most.

Once you have done that then embark on a huge amount of mental rehearsal. Jim didn’t say just small amount of mental rehearsal, he said a huge amount of mental rehearsal.

Once you do a huge amount of mental rehearsal then work out activities to harness and strengthen your intuition. It’s different depending on your craft, but one generic exercise I suggest is to get two different coloured pens and throw them over your head with your eyes closed then use your intuition to guess which colour pen landed where behind you.

There are many other ways to harness your intuition but please focus on those three elements of success: understanding the essence of your master craft, undertaking a huge amount of mental rehearsal and harnessing your intuition for the better in order to achieve your heart’s desire.

– Benjamin J Harvey

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