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The Importance of Desire

In a world that has become bafflingly complex, itís easy to forget that some secrets to business success are incredibly simple.

But their very simplicity can be deceiving, causing many entrepreneurs to ignore them, instead turning to the latest shiny objects and complex new fashions of business.

One such simple but vital element of business success is good old fashioned desire.

Take this 30 second test. I want you to think about the level of desire you have to be outstanding in business and rank it out of 10. With 1 out of 10 being complete apathy about your company and 10 out of 10 indicating a full on electrifying level of lust for business greatness.

Think about that now.

Most people, if theyíre honest, will put their desire at around a 6.

And there lies their number one obstacle to achieving their corporate dreams.

Because the cold, hard truth is, no matter how much you learn about marketing, the internet, management or finance, if you do not have at least 8 out of 10 desire your chances of achieving anything outstanding in business are slim.

There are several reasons why.

Business is hard. Often boring. Always challenging. And frequently exhausting.
If you donít have intense desire to achieve then after awhile it all just becomes a little too tough. Soon you start settling for survival rather than superlatives, a consistent profit rather than riches.
At first, business life seems easier with this more sedate attitude, but because there is so much darn competition out there, soon hungrier companies start taking your customers. And the hardships begin their inexorable increase.

The other reason white hot desire is imperative for business success is a little more controversial.
I believe that human desire is a magnet. I believe that God created humans with the ability to attract many of the things they need for their business and their life by mentally focusing on them with intensity and consistency. If we really, truly , deeply desire for our business to be successful, then after awhile we begin to attract better luck and more opportunities.

You may scoff at this, but very few billionaires do. In their quiet hours most will agree that their own piercing desire helped bring in all manner of lucky breaks that helped take them to the commercial stratosphere. Most believe in the power of desire to improve both their luck and consequently their circumstances.

If you scored yourself lowly on the desire ranking, then all is not lost.

Desire can be generated. By simply choosing to desire your goals more strongly, soon your level of desire will rise. You can assist this by both thinking more often about what you want to achieve in business and thinking more longingly about the spoils of corporate excellence.

The more you think in this way the more your desire will intensify. The more it intensifies the more action youíll take towards your dreams. The more action you take the more youíll refine your strategy. The more you refine your strategy the quicker you develop an effective formula for sustainable profits.

Try this simple exercise over the next week:

Before you start your business day, sit and think about your business until you lift your desire up to at least an 8 out of 10 .

Then and only then start work.

Desire works. It clarifies. It eliminates. It elevates.

For many itís the missing ingredient in business success

– Siimon Reynolds

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