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How Adversity Helps You Become Your Best Self

Several years ago an experiment was done on mice to work out what conditions would cause them to grow their brain potential.

One mouse got everything a mouse could dream of – food, warmth, everything.
It was living the ‘good life’!

Another had exactly the same life… except it had to run around a treadmill.

And the third just lived in a normal cage… and twice a week was thrown into a really challenging maze.
He had to go up a pole… get across obstacles with water below him… all sorts of challenges like that.
It was tough slog for the little guy!

Well, at the end of the experiment they studied the brains of the 3 little mice.

The first mouse didn’t grow a single bit of brain capacity…

The second mouse grew some brain capacity but the new neurons didn’t connect.

But the third mouse that had to use its wits to survive… grew massive amounts of brain capacity.

And amazingly, all the new ‘brain pathways’ were all fully connected and integrated.

That’s why it’s so important to do as Dr Demartini says…

That means seeing all the events in your life ‘as on the way’ not ‘in the way’.

On the way to a better, bigger, brighter, smarter, stronger YOU.

And all the crap in the past is fertiliser for the beautiful garden you will create in your life.

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