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3 Reasons People Donít Succeed in Business

Are you struggling to reach your goals in business? Most people are. The fact is the vast majority of business owners fall well short of their own goals. Try as they may, they just canít seem to get the sales they need to grow their business.

The question is why.

Of course, there are a myriad of little reasons that entrepreneurs donít succeed, but I believe there are 3 fundamental, over arching reasons for business failure. As you read them please take a moment to rank yourself a score out of ten in each of the 3 critical areas.

Most people arenít crystal clear about what they want from their business. Oh sure, they know they want to make more money, but very few are completely clear about precisely where they want to take their business, in how long, and in what ways. For example they are not clear on:
What they want their revenues to be in per month, in 12 months and in 3 years.
What skills they need to develop to get those results.
What lead generation systems work best for them.
What the best competitors are doing in their industry.
What are the 3 best uses of their time are.
And so onÖ
Without this clarity they are performing at half their potential Ė doing only a small proportion of what needs to be done, operating in a mental fog.
So, how do you rank in the area of Clarity? Now whatís one thing you could do today to improve that?

In 1960 a plastic surgeon by the name of Dr. Maxwell Maltz discovered an amazing thing. Even after Dr. Maltz had performed plastic surgery on patients who believed they had a physical flaw, many of his patients still thought they were ugly.
Maltz realised that plastic surgery was useless unless the patient also worked on their self identity and developed their feelings of self worth. He concluded that what was really needed was plastic surgery for the mind. In other words, unless we believe in ourselves, our performance in any field (and our self respect) will be low. Since then countless studies have been done that corroborate Dr Maltzís findings.
Running a business is tough. The obstacles are never ending and escalating, the pressures immense, the challenges to our self esteem virtually continuous. In this environment it is crucial that we continually boost our self-belief so that we feel confident enough to tackle this onslaught.
Yet I know of almost no executives or entrepreneurs who do this. It only takes a few minutes a day too. If we can create a daily morning ritual of coming up with reasons why weíll succeed, seeing ourselves succeed in our mindís eye, and talking to ourselves in a supportive, positive manner, then our self belief will indeed strengthen.
But I believe we must do this daily. Without consistency in our mental conditioning we will drift between believing in ourselves one day and doubting ourselves the next Ė the mental state of most executives today.
How do you rank yourself out of ten with Self Belief? Whatís one thing you could do right now to improve that score?

Never before in history has the business world had such time shortages and job complexity. Endless meetings, tsunamiís of emails, To Do Lists as high as Kilimanjaro Ė it literally never stops. But thatís only half the problem. The other half is that we were never trained at school or university for this kind of world- we simply havenít learnt enough productivity tools to excel in this environment.
So we are both overwhelmed by the enormity of our work tasks, and feel
Ill equipped with viable strategies to tackle them. Thereís only one solution of course: start devoting more time to learning how to be productive. Iím suggesting serious study in this area, not just lightly reading a tip or two on the Internet. Only a total dedication to productivity mastery will defend us from the ever-increasing deluge of data and tasks that rise even as you read this.
Set yourself a goal of not only reading about productivity, but developing a collection of 10 time management techniques that you use every day Ė a quiver of productivity weapons that become central to your working life. Put them on a piece of paper and laminate it, keeping it clearly in view on your desk all day long. Soon it will become a part of you.
Unless we elevate personal productivity in our lives, we risk becoming mentally and physically exhausted by the sheer quantum of what our work life throws at us. Productivity skills are a must have, not a should have.

So thinking about this, what score would you give yourself in this area? Whatís one thing you could do today to lift that score up? Ok, now take a moment to evaluate all of your scores. If you scored 7 or higher, congratulations, itís likely youíre on top of the game of work. If youíre below 7 in any area, I urge you to start designing a system today to rectify it. Pronto.
Your success in business will directly stem from your excellence in these three arenas. Focus on them. Monitor them. Act on them. And victory will be yours.

– Siimon Reynolds

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